The police response to harsh criticism is that of a teenage child, the silent treatment? Just like people say about suspects, if they do nothing wrong, they don’t have anything to worry about. To act like everyone on the force is ALWAYS doing the right thing and defending actions that should not be defending is insane. How can a society condemn blacks for the actions of less than 1% of their population and get upset when they protest about it, but when people people start doing the same to cops, instead of showing that you are “better”, you respond in similar fashion, you protest. If a police shooting is justified, not amount of protest and rioting will change that, but your job has been and always will be dangerous. You can’t act like every cop is doing their job the right way. What that is saying is, “regardless of what really happened, I’m going to believe what my cop friend said, even if they were wrong” Their have even been white cops on tape saying, “Yeah, we were told to harass the minorities more harshly”. I don’t think it’s every cop, but good cops gotta stand up to bad cops and we wouldn’t have these problems. You can even see in some videos that the other cops are looking at the other officer like, “Dude, come on, that’s a bit much”, but you can’t be divided out in public so they do what they have to do in order to control situations. It happens though. There are some BAD cops, why should the good cops stop working then?